Month: January 2020

Review: Netflix Marriage Story

To be honest, I’m not a fan of divorce unless your life is in danger or your physical well-being or overall health is being jeopardized. I think outside of that, folks should do their best to work things out because that’s what God would want us to do. The outcome is different with this marriage story but it is important to remember that God likes marriage. He blesses us with marriage if done the right way in his honor. I think the reason a lot of marriages end is because of a lot of people’s personal issues and insecurities that they thought would go away with the marriage. We each have individual responsibilities to heal from past trauma before even thinking about merging our lives with someone else.

Millennials: A Guide for Those Who Want to Marry

I get a lot of people that ask me for advice now naturally because I have a ring on my finger and I always start with the absolute truth… I was a hot mess in my past life and I had to spend time with myself and work on myself before I got to where I’m standing today. ..I’ve come a long way but I’ll never forget that I use to sit right where you’re sitting. I use to daydream about my soul mate, what would he be like? How much my life will change once he’s in it. What I had to learn was that instead of waiting for them to show up and change my life, I had to change my life on my own first.

Millennial and Married