Engaged And Extra

Why it’s completely ok to be Engaged and Extra

I’m definitely that Feyonce’ that took lots of unnecessary photos for good two-three months that features my engagement ring. While that time was a trying time in my life due to having been experiencing a death in the family, celebrating my engagement was one of the things keeping me afloat.

How to Conquer Stress While Planning A Wedding

Let’s pretend for a second that you’re going to have to fund your own wedding because we all know how our families come together to pay for everything. Sarcasm intended. Can you honestly plan your dream wedding in six months without going bankrupt? If you know you want to pull out all the bells and whistles for your big day, then be realistic. How much time will you need to come up with the money needed to pull everything off?

How to not take it personally when you notice people being distant

You never know what people are going through unless they say something. Even then, they probably still don’t know how to articulate exactly what’s happening to them as they’re going through what they’re going through. What you’ll come to learn is everyone is not like you. You may find it easy to be happy for people even if you’re not where you want to be in life but a lot of people are ornery. They don’t want people to be happy if they’re not happy.

Millennial and Married