How to Make Your St. Patrick's Day Corona Virus Proof

How to Make Your St. Patrick's Day Corona Virus Proof

How to Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Corona Virus Proof

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I know we’re in the middle of this Corona Virus Pandemic and everyone is going through the mass hysteria that’s taking place but we really have to hope for a better tomorrow. 1 John 4:18 tells us,

18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. " Click To Tweet


While I encourage you to not walk around in fear of the unknown, I can certainly understand why many have. Because of the Corona Virus, schools are closing down, people are losing their jobs and we just don’t know how long this is going to last. I personally don’t think you should completely put your life on hold, after all, we all have holidays, birthdays, Weddings, etc to celebrate this year. In light of the up and coming holiday, I have a few tips on how you can make your St. Patrick’s Day Corona Virus Proof.

Let’s take it back to the Old School


Instead of going out, stay in and invite some people over. Can you say HOUSE PARTY??? I like this idea because you can control the environment. You know how clean your house is, you know that none of you are sick and intimate affairs are always a great time for making long-lasting life memories. Make some food, grab some libations, board games and make a fire playlist.

Your guest will love you for creating a great experience on a whim. Oh, don’t forget dessert either!

Head to Walmart and the Dollar Tree on your Grocery Outing


While everyone is stocking up on groceries and extra toiletries, pick up a few St. Patty’s day decorations and favors. Don’t let this Corona Virus steal your holiday spirit. Be the light that everyone needs in their life. The dollar tree always has holiday decorations and the best part is…everything is a dollar! You don’t have to go overboard but a little decor truly goes a long way when it comes to boosting people’s spirits. Be sure to pick up cute favors like paper hats, food coloring and grenadine for the food and drinks.

Invite over only close family and friends to prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus

This “house party” isn’t supposed to be a BIG thing like it would have been in Highschool. Due to the nature how quickly the Corona Virus is spreading to minimize more people spreading the infection or getting infected, limit your guests to 10-15 of your closest friends and family. People that you are sure aren’t sick whether with the Corona Virus or any other virus or ailment. This helps minimize any other pandemics starting. By all means, if you decide to kiss someone because they’re Irish…just be careful. Above all else have fun and be safe!


If you need additional tips on how to Combat the Corona Virus with your Family be sure to read my latest post.

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