How to quickly adapt to the Covid-19 Work from Home Culture

How to quickly adapt to the Covid-19 Work from Home Culture

How to quickly adapt to the Covid-19 Work from Home Culture

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Many companies are encouraging their employees to Work from Home in light of the Corona Virus Pandemic. While Millennials are embracing working from home other age groups are struggling with this transition. Some of the reasons I heard was, “I miss going into the office because I need to people.”

“I don’t like the idea of being home all the time.” so on and so forth. Corona is temporary. I have faith that this won’t last forever and you should too. but in the mean time Forbes has published a serious of articles to help you transition into work from home life. So, what ever you’re concerned about or needing to know, check out these articles by Forbes.

What to know if you’ll need to work from home

Seven thing you’ll need to understand while working from home

If you’re uncomfortable working in the office during this time and your job isn’t offering the option to work from home then read

How to Get Your Boss to Let You Work From Home

and for future references, if you’d like to transition into working from home then read this article

Want to Be a Remote Worker? Get These Digital Skills

If you’re going stir crazy working from home then these articles will help

4 Ways to Combat the Isolation of Remote Work

8 Ways to Balance Home and Office Life Under the Same Roof

I hope these articles help as they’ve helped me . I also wrote another blog post to help you tackle Covid-19 with your families. I’ll be sharing as many resources and tips as I can during this time so keeping checking back. Also, If you were working from home prior to the pandemic, please share your best tips in the comments for staying organized and focused.

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