Millennials Marry is a blog started by Millenials for Millenials. Misha Mayhand, soon to be Hill noticed during her engagement journey that there isn’t a whole lot of content out there for Millenials who Marry. Most likely due to the fact that there’s tons of content out there that wants us to believe that Millenials don’t marry or don’t want to marry is just not true. What about the Millenials that are married and looking for guidance on their journey? We’re left in the dark to just figure it out. Thank God for the Bible but we still need community and perspective from our peers. We need something tangible that we can hold onto. As the microwave generation, we tend to want answers NOW. While we can’t guarantee instant results, we hope to provide insight, resources, and maybe even a laugh or two as we support you on your Millenial and Married journey. Not only will we provide content for those that are already married, but we will also serve those that are still single but want to be married in hopes to help close the gap for those that desire marriage. 

Disclaimer: We will talk about God, Jesus Christ and the holy spirit a lot on this blog. I do not believe a marriage can exist without God. I truly believe marriage is God’s love language and it is his preferred way of speaking both to us and through us so that we can help God to spread the good news of the kingdom. That is why the enemy(the devil) despises marriage so much. The enemy does not want us to grow as a people. Marriage is a journey that tests us, pushes us to be more and do more. Marriage is a never-ending journey of development that you’re on with your spouse for the duration of your life I am truly honored to be called to create content for this blog to glorify the kingdom and provide resources for those Millenials that choose to walk on this journey as well.

Thanks for reading!

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