3 Reasons Date Night Is Important in Your Marriage

3 Reasons Date Night Is Important in Your Marriage

3 Reasons Date Night Is Important in Your Marriage

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Now a days, Date Night is a buzzword. You get online and see people taking couple selfies and hash tagging Date Night. Nothing makes me more happier than seeing Married Millennials hash tagging date night on Social Media. I think to myself, I hope they keep it up and not just during the honey moon phase because Date Night is so important in the advancement of our marriages. What’s even more important than planning date nights is understanding your partner’s Love Languages. 

3 Reasons Why Date Night is Important Even When You’re Married

1. Love Languages 

Date Night gives you an opportunity to work on your spouses Love Languages. Don’t know what your Love Languages are? Take the Five Love Language Test Here. Basically, there are Five Love Languages that every person has. The idea is to find in what order does your significant other rank these Five Love Languages. From there you are to literally try to Love them in that order (Mama Dee Voice) .

The Five Love Languages Are:

  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch 

Millennials are more educated and informed than prior generations due to the resources we have access to. Therefore, we’re more proactive when it comes to knowing these things. 

Maybe your significant other’s highest Love Language is Acts of Service. Remembering this will help you to plan a night that speaks to that Love Language. Whether you stay in or go out for your date. They’ll love you for thinking about and serving their needs. 


2. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about your mate through Date Night

Just like when you first started dating prior to marriage. You looked forward to dating them so you could learn more about them through the process. You liked what you saw so you wanted to impress them and see how they’d reciprocate your efforts. It was exciting to see how they’d dress for the date, how they’d prioritize their time.

Getting To know your Mate through Date Night
Getting To know your Mate through Date Night

Would they be on time or run late? Are they excited to see you and hang out? The early days sometimes referred to as the honeymoon phase doesn’t ever have to end. You just have to keep making that same effort so you can continue to get to know your mate as they grow through the years. They’re not always going to be the same and you shouldn’t want them to be.

3. To show your Other Family Members an example of Healthy Love

Love shouldn’t always be about some type of struggle. You’re allowed to have fun with one another and fun doesn’t always equate to breaking the bank. If your kids/family see you loving one another unconditionally and in a healthy way, this provides an insight into how relationships actually work in a positive way. When you stay cooped up in the house with your significant other all the time and then only go out with the kids when necessary, unnecessary fights tend to happen. It’s perceived that you’re only going out with each other for the kids or to make other people happy instead of tending to the growth of your own relationship.

Those other family members that have fallen into the same trap will be motivated to do the same. You’ll be a walking example of why date Nate works and will be able to share that with your family and hopefully change your entire family dynamic. When you prioritize Date Night, everyone wins.


Date Night isn’t something we’re hashtagging to be trendy or cute. It’s important to the livelihood and longevity of your relationship. You have to keep getting to know your mate using their Love Languages because over time they’re going to change. We discussed three reasons why date night is important even if you’re married so now it’s time to start making it a priority. If you need inexpensive date night ideas be sure to check out my Inexpensive Date Night Ideas Post . Do you have a dedicated Date Night for you and your mate?

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